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Welcome to S & C Agencies, the home of Elkanah quality products.

How it all began...

I was employed by railways as a draughtsman and had no other ambition but to live for God and to glorify his name. In 1989 my direction in life started to change by a word God gave me, I felt him say ‘difficult times lay ahead for your children.’ My response was how and what can I do about this? After much thought I realized it was not what I can do but what God would do through me.

In 1990 the vision become real S&C Agencies (Shirley & Carlo Agencies) started with a small range of products that my wife managed in our garage at home. June 30th 1990 I believe God gave me a date to leave the Transnet and help my wife full time. May 1992 I left the Transnet and joined S&C Agencies to help get it going. S & C Agencies grew from strength to strength, across the Peninsula at first, and then even beyond that. Our product range increased and this resulted in a need for bigger premises. We moved into a small warehouse in Montague Gardens in 1993. As time went on S & C Agencies outgrew that warehouse and another. I felt lead that I needed to buy my own premises as I believe this is a generational business. That same morning I went to an auction my friend mentioned who was in property. He helped me that day and the hammer fell on our bid and what a day of much rejoicing. This building is truly a gift from God. Elkanah was the name I got from God which means ‘the redemptive purpose of God’, ‘God has purchased’. This all took place in the year 2000.


We have been pre-packing fasteners since 1993 and in 2001 we launched our own Elkanah brand of quality pre-packed fasteners.

In 2002 we introduced pre-packed ironmongery to our Elkanah range. Elkanah is our flag-ship brand, and continues to grow both in product range and in reach. We are very excited to see this brand grow to become the favourite choice of product in the market place.

We distribute a wide range of DIY Hardware products throughout the Western Cape and are growing in and through the surrounding areas. We also export our Elkanah products to Namibia. We have representatives that build meaningful business relationships with the corporate and independent hardware stores and as well as other retailers. We believe that our relationship with our clients, along with our efficient delivery service is what sets us apart. We strive to satisfy our customers by giving them our best possible prices along with our service.

We are very grateful to God for his love, kindness and his grace that has allowed us to grow and service the areas that we do. We are also very thankful to our customers who faithfully support us and our brand.

Thank you!

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